"Home sweet Home" just not for BUGS.. Your family is top priority thats why we use Eco friendly products inside your Home..

From weeds in your landscaped Rock areas.. To roaches in your breakroom we take care of it all

Scorpions solutions

Pest prevention is your best protection
Whats BUGGING YOU? let us help.


We have a solution For all your Pest needs       Pest,Weeds,Termites


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Bed Bugs...

Exceeding customers expectations one  home at a time.
                Over 15 years experience in Arizona                                         ValleyWide

We can't think of much that's more relaxing, than sitting on your couch watching a movie with the family....Until you're itching and find these red bumps grouped on your back.......BedBugs OHH NO...

Ecotek is a family company, started by a family man who was just tired of the large corporation pest companies,  seeing customers  as merely dollar signs.  Say good bye to the days of sitting at home all day waiting for the "Bug Guy", who shows up in a bad mood because he'd rather be home couch surfing. Here at Ecotek not only do we service your property with pride but also with enthusiasm and gratitude. When you choose Ecotek You win.  



We have a scorpion specific service that targets SCORPIONS..

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